Dark and Light Releases a Mod Dev Kit

I, personally, am completely incapable of enjoying a Bethesda RPG out of the box. I need mods. Mods are one of the best parts of PC gaming for me. So the fact that a Dark and Light mod dev kit has been released for the sandbox MMO definitely has my ears pricked up in interest.

dark and light mod dev kit

The Dark and Light mod kit lets its players muck about with pretty much every aspect of the sandbox, including maps and regions, creatures, spells, and equipment. The toolset is essentially an Unreal Engine 4 Editor in a simplified but comprehensive form according to the announcement.

The kit isn’t just capable of letting players adjust number values, however. The more advanced users can create completely unique assets as well, which lets them put together their own spells and maps for their own unique sandbox world. Once modders have woven together their creations, they can share them on the Steam Workshop.

The Dark and Light Dev Kit is available now via the Unreal Launcher. There’s also some dedicated forums for modders of the game here and a video showcasing the kit in action below.

Our Thoughts

Oh boy oh boy! We’re genuinely interested in seeing what the modding community will be doing for Dark and Light. Whether it’s minor adjustments or entirely unique worlds, the potential for this new dev kit definitely seems endless.

Source: press release

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