Fable Fortune Shutdown Announced

The Fable Fortune shutdown announcement was made on their official site a few days ago. The card game was only around for two years and it will be going offline for good on March 4th.

The in-game store has already been disabled which means that you can no longer purchase any card packs. If you have card packs in your inventory you will be able to open them until the game shuts down.

Fable Fortune

The announcement doesn’t give any reason why the game is shutting down but it isn’t too difficult to guess since Fable Fortune had a peak of just 6 players in January. The developers also seem to have abandoned the game. The news section of their website, where the shutdown was announced, had a gap from August 1, 2018, until January 29th, 2020. So yeah, they didn’t give a reason…but they didn’t really need to either. In fact, it took media sites nearly a full week to discover the announcement because so few people were talking about it.

It’s sad to see how far Fable has fallen. It was once a flagship Xbox series and now the last bits of it that remained will be closing. There were six amazing Fable games that made it to launch plus Fable Legends which never got to see the light of day as the project was canceled. That also marked the end of Lionhead Studios. Fable Fortune was able to gather some funding to keep running under Mediatonic’s flag but it seems that wasn’t meant to be either. Hopefully, we will see the Fable series reborn again in the future.


Source: Official Site

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