Good News AND Great News from Albion Online

Albion Online is a fantasy sandbox MMO and the first true cross-platform game of its genre – bringing players on Windows, Mac, Linux iOS and Android together in the same dynamic world. It features crafting, farming, PvP & guilds – you know, all the good stuff – except it does away with the traditional class system, instead opting for a ‘you are what you wear’ policy.

It’s a classic MMO and a real fan favourite, and today’s patch update brings with it some wholesome news.

The heroes over at Sandbox Interactive & the creators of Albion Online have just announced that their recent Charity Pack sale, which ran throughout April, has raised a huge €42,644.94 for the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The pack included an offhand costume item, the Staff of Hermes and a unique avatar ring. To see our beloved MMOs go above and beyond in creative and rewarding ways warms our icy hearts. Check out the details plus some photos of the Staff of Hermes in action here.

But the good news doesn’t end there as the MMO has also treated us to a Season 9 patch featuring a wealth of improvements including:

  • Massive updates to the mobile gameplay experience, including a virtual joystick, auto-targeting spells and an updated HUD.
  • Outlands Banks – offering gear storage in the game’s lawless “black zones”
  • Changes to territory control, additional Crystal League time-slots, and Season Points from elite bosses.
  • Quality-of-life improvements to the mail system, building UI, and world map

The 9th season begins on 16th May, but the patch is ready to enjoy now. Head over to the announcement page for a full briefing on the patch, and over to to enjoy the game.

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