Live-Stream from Ashes of Creation Developers Details New Updates

In these unprecedented times, the world of MMO gaming soldiers on. Developers and publishers are still working hard to keep the wheels turning on their beloved titles. Here we have the proof as the team behind fantasy sandbox MMORPG Ashes of Creation have released a quarantined YouTube live-stream to discuss and demonstrate what they have been working on. 

Ashes of Creation offers a unique spin on the MMO formula with a dynamic world in which your actions directly and permanently impact the shared sphere you inhabit. Cities and their populations will rise, fall, and prosper in tandem with a history shaped by you, the player. 

In this live-stream Intrepid Studios delve into some of the new features to anticipate in their next update, including:

  • Dungeon content & systems
  • Dungeon gameplay with in-game footage
  • Character art
  • Environment art

It is followed by a Q&A session where they delve into the community’s most recent burning questions. Check out the full live-stream below for behind the scenes insights:

Ashes of Creation is a relatively young MMORPG born from a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017 and we’re happy to see the development team is keen to keep their fans in the loop. As yet another unique spin on our favourite gaming genre, we’re excited to see how this game will progress in the future. If you’re unfamiliar with the game then check out their website for all the info and to get hold of the game for yourself.

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