Modders Ramp Up Stardew Valley Multiplayer Populations

So we’re already pretty much in love with Stardew Valley multiplayer gameplay, even in its beta state. Now, it looks like the PC modding community is hoping to make that experience even better by shattering the game’s player population limits.

stardew valley multiplayer gameplay

The two mods work similarly in that they allow as many people onto your Stardew farm as you want, though there are a couple of important differences. One, known as Ultiplayer, will let as many people in without requiring any of them to have access to a cabin on your land unless one happens to be unoccupied. The other, called Unlimited Players, does require that everyone has access to a cabin.

In either case, the multiplayer session host must have the SMAPI mod installed. It’s also important to bear in mind that the mods are unofficial and still in testing, and Stardew multiplayer is still in a beta state as well, so there’s plenty of potential for things to crumble. That said, you’re welcome to click the above links to learn more about these mods if you’re ready to ramp up your 16-bit farming sessions.

Our Thoughts

Not “massive” by any stretch, but seeing more people on the farm at once sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to us! As usual, leave it to the PC modding community to take an already great game and make it even better.

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