No Quarter – A New Chapter Dawns in Guild Wars 2

The critically-acclaimed free-to-play Guild Wars 2 has released the third chapter in its Icebrood Saga entitled No Quarter. This legendary MMO takes place in a living world, with dynamic events & environments that shift based on the actions of players, and this latest chapter ushers us into an ever-expanding story in which to live out your personal RPG experience. 

Plunging players into the middle of an epic confrontation against former allies during an outbreak of civil war between factions of charr warriors, this particularly sizeable update includes all of the following features: 

  • A brand new map, the coastal alpine forests of the Drizzlewood Coast 
  • A massive, map-wide meta event that puts players right in the thick of the charr civil war as they help the United Legions siege fortresses and take control of enemy positions in World vs. World-inspired gameplay
  • A new United Legions Waystation mastery that will grant new special action skills useful for besieging charr fortresses and resupplying allies
  • A new Strike Mission, Cold War, that features wave-based survival against fearsome enemies
  • A new tier to the Essence Manipulation mastery tracks introduced in Episode One
  • Two new weapons sets, Tengu Echo and Stormcaller, plus two new standalone weapons to earn
  • New charr-themed backpacks, plus new charr-specific helms for charr player characters
  • A new “play dead” emote
  • A new Bear Shaman armor set available to NPC characters

Not only that but No Quarter comes with its very own trailer, which you can take a look at below:

The mutable narrative of this impressive MMO truly sets it apart from others, and if you haven’t already tried your hand we’d strongly recommend giving this title a go. No Quarter will be available for free to all players of Guild Wars 2 upon logging in – for an in depth look visit the Guild Wars 2 website.

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