Play it While You Can! A Fractured Playtest Is On The Way.

We have been anticipating the release of sandbox MMORPG Fractured for a while now, and it would appear that we are a step closer with the announcement of the upcoming 2020 Fractured playtest. 

Since day one we’ve been keenly following the development of this title from its crowdfunding and Q&A sessions to recent stress tests, and for good reason – there is a lot to look forward to. Perhaps the most unprecedented feature is its fully-interactive environment. However, the cosmic setting, player-crafted items, race-dependent mechanics and the omission of grinding and leveling really sets this game apart. 

Split into 2 phases, the Fractured playtest will first be available for the game’s backers on Tuesday 26th May followed by universal access on Thursday 28th May, both at 2pm. Pile in the hours in while you can though as it will close to everybody on Monday 1st June. 

Expect the changes introduced during the Alpha 2 – Test 2 in March to be augmented with the following additions: 

  • Item stack splitting (holding CTRL when releasing a stack)
  • Crafting multiple items (instead of 1 at a time)
  • Faster movement speed on paved roads
  • Protection from monster attacks and damage when knocked down.
  • Proper Death, where your corpse will retain your inventory until recovered by yourself or a fellow guild member, or looted by a member of an opposing Militia.

Militias are a surprise new mechanic to spice up the PvP experience on Syndesia, the planet of the human race. Overall, it gives players a chance to join one of four predefined NPC Militias, within which they can decide to attack (or loot) the other three. The Devs have promised to expand on this concept the closer we get to a final release, but in the meantime get the full lowdown via the announcement page here.

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