Robocraft Royale Builds a Release Date for Early Access

Huh…funny, I feel like I just wrote about battle royale games flooding the market a few minutes ago. That said, the arrival of Robocraft Royale early access could also carve out its own niche in the subgenre with the original game’s penchant for varied and unique death-dealing machines.

robocraft royale early access

In the royale edition of Robocraft, players are dropped into a 64 square-kilometer map in starter buggys, then drive around seeking different character types to take command of. Each character found on the map contains unique weapon loadouts, abilities, and modes of movement. Robocraft Royale also brings the original game’s voxel-by-voxel destruction model, but otherwise the gameplay works the same – stay inside a shrinking play space, last person standing wins.

Robocraft Royale is a standalone game from the original Robocraft, so it has its own update plans including new maps, new characters, new team modes and more. The length of time for the game’s early access state is expected to be three months according to the game’s Steam page.

The game will make its way to Steam Early Access this coming Monday, March 26th at a price of $19.99, but will be holding a free alpha test on Thursday, March 8th. More details can be found at the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

Hm…on the one hand, having the targeted destruction of Robocraft’s gameplay in a battle royale setting could most definitely be interesting. On the other hand, the original game’s ability to build your own machines and take them into battle seem a whole lot more interesting. That said, perhaps the character in Robocraft Royale really are so unique that it won’t matter.

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