Robocraft Royale Goes Free-to-Play

Apparently there were voices that were crying out for Robocraft Royale free-to-play, likely influenced by the same people that like the fact that Fortnite Battle Royale is a free title. Those voices have gone answered as the devs at Freejam have decided to make the newly-launched battle royale shooter a free title.

robocraft royale free-to-play

So why the change of heart? In addition to player feedback, the devs simply want more people playing. “We want to get as many of you playing the game and enjoying the features we are going to provide, so we are changing the game from pay up front to free-to-play,” reads their Steam page announcement. “For us the game is broken if a match starts with fewer than 90 players.”

On the subject of feedback, the post also provided a list of in-development features that the community is looking for, including adding Robocraft’s crafting tools without sacrificing the battle royale experience, team play modes, and a map update that looks to introduce some unexplained “greater depth to the players experience.”

As a result of this move, this will introduce an alternate form of monetization that hasn’t bee decided on yet. A tweet from the game’s account states that whatever this monetization scheme is, it will likely be cosmetics-based.

If you’re among those who already bought the game, Steam will be issuing forced refunds either automatically or by direct request. That said, some people are experiencing errors in the process with regards to “consumable content that cannot be refunded.” Those who are having issues are being asked to contact Freejam support.

Our Thoughts

Well, that’s a surprise indeed. Of course, the first question that comes to mind is how the game will monetize itself, but as the tweet said, they’re going to work on making a stable game first. Here’s hoping that players flock to this irreverent little battle royale shooter as a result of the news.

Sources: Steam, Twitter

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